Need to protect your property against graffiti? Levasseur offers you a full range of products suited to your needs with over 35 years of tag removal experience.

Graffiti removal is difficult but it's important for protecting and maintaining property values. Levasseur is a pioneer in anti-graffiti - a technology that protects your property while easing graffiti cleaning and saving costs. Since the mid-eighties, our company has developed anti-graffiti formulations for a complete range of substrates. We offer both permanent and semi-permanent solutions that cover the full anti-graffiti process.

It's a 3-step process for easy tag removal:
Step 1. Prime your surface for excellent adherence
Step 2. Apply the protective coating – use one of our clear varnishes or colored lacquers for tough resistance against graffiti and other environmental attacks
Step 3. Clean – our cleaners make light work of complete tag removal

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